Triceps Tendonitis

The term tendonitis refers to inflammation or swelling of the tendons (flexible and connective tissues) that attaches muscles to the bones. By triceps tendonitis we mean inflammation or swelling of triceps tendon which attaches triceps muscle with the bony bump at the back of elbow. The triceps muscle works to keep the arm straight. Triceps tendonitis results in pain in the back part of the upper arm near the point of elbow.

How does Triceps Tendonitis occur?

Triceps tendonitis occurs with the overuse or a wear and tear process of the upper arm and elbow. The activities such as throwing and hammering which are mostly seen among the weight lifters, involve repetitive extension against the force which may cause a direct blow to the triceps muscle or tendon. Overdoing weights or pushing heavy weights or objects can lead to rupture or swelling of the tendon. Falling on hands can also cause rupture of the triceps tendon.

Symptoms of Triceps Tendonitis:

First aid for Triceps tendonitis

Prevention of Triceps Tendonitis:

The first and foremost requirement to minimise the chances of triceps tendonitis is to avoid activities or works which cause overuse of upper arm and elbow. In addition to this, the symptoms must be recognised in their initial stages so as to avoid worsening of the injury.

When to see a doctor?